Recognition moments

few out of 545 (& counting) magic moments so far

(the real ones)

Thank you for all your support with 30+ Deposit Rocket deployments !

There’s certainly tons of “technical” work that goes in making a strategy actionable – we appreciate the can-do attitude you bring to each and every experiment deployment.

ATB Employee

Keyur- your help in sending off our research for the project was so timely, helpful, and friendly. Working with you was such a treat. Thanks for your time, your energy, your helpfulness, and your professionalism!

Meg Kendall, Sr UX Research Mgr

Keyur! Thanks for all your work on the Prosper newsletter! You made it look so good and you always think yes first whenever I have a request. You’re the best!

Shayne Enns, Assistant Marketing Manager

Keyur – I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, but your willingness and desire to constantly find solutions to problems is greatly appreciated. It would be all too easy to admit defeat at the hands of our complexity – with systems, processes, timelines, whatever – but you never back down from a challenge and always find a way to get things done. Thank you!

Neil Smith, Sr Mgr Digital Conversion

A HUGE thank you Keyur on behalf of the whole team behind #thestruggleisreal.

Thanks to you we will be able to capture everyone’s email address and communicate with them about upcoming events. This is instrumental in building the community at this event. Thank you so much for helping us out last minute – your willingness to jump in and help out when time is tight is so appreciated by all of us.

Siobhan Owen, Manager Strategy & Performance

 Thank you for your unrelenting efforts to deliver quality tools and experiences for our clients and customers. You make us look better than we deserve. Thank you Keyur.

Dale Carter, Team Lead Development

Thanks for always fielding my many Hubspot questions and ambitious projects. I feel lucky to work with two people who are so devoted to this awesome new tool!

Phedra-Lyn Miller, Marketing Coordinator

Hey Keyur, probably goes without saying, but know that your friends over here in Demand Gen know and recognize all the great work you’re doing lately.

Onboarding a new tool like Hubspot and managing so many requests coming in from many directions is no small feat. We’re so glad to have your partnership on this transformative tool and process!

Dan Smith, Sr Mgr Content Marketing

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